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Numbers you may find useful

Smell Gas? National Gas Emergencies

0800 111 999

If you smell gas, you should call the National Gas Emergencies number immediately, then inform us on

01626 862000. You should leave the premises, until the cause of the smell has been determined.

Read more info in our easy read Fire Safety Guide

Power Cut?

Call: 105

If you experience a complete loss of power in your property, call this number

Southwest Water

0344 346 2020

If you have a water leak outside your home, loss of pressure or your water is dirty, you should call this number to report the issue.


If you have a water leak inside your home, please call 01626 862967 or 07881203354 outside office hours

Police Non-Urgent


If you want to speak to Police regarding non urgent concerns or queries, then you can contact them using this number.

If you need URGENT help, you should contact the police on 999


NHS 111


If you have an illness that is making you worried, or you have symptoms you would like to talk about you can call this number to get advice about what to do next.

If you need URGENT help, you should contact an ambulance on 999


Citizens Advice

03444 111 444

Anybody can call this number to receive advice or guidance for everyday matters, such as struggling to pay bills or free legal advice. 


We strongly recommend you discuss any worries like this with your care provider or landlord to see if they can answer/ resolve your issue before contacting Citizens Advice, as they may be able to help you by visiting you and speaking on your behalf if you give them permission to do so.

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